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Key Stage 4 - Years 10 & 11

In Key Stage 4, students are not taught in their form classes. They follow courses over a 2-year period and take IGCSE examinations. Whilst English and Mathematics are compulsory, students also choose from a wide variety of other subjects.

At present students may take the following subjects:

Subject Level Examination Board
Arabic 1st Language IGCSE Edexcel
Arabic General Secondary Ministry of Education, Kuwait
Arabic 2nd Language GCSE Edexcel
Islamic Studies General Secondary Ministry of Education, Kuwait
English 1st Language IGCSE CIE
English 2nd Language IGCSE CIE
English Literature IGCSE CIE
Mathematics IGCSE CIE
Chemistry IGCSE CIE
Economics IGCSE CIE
Business Studies IGCSE CIE
Accounting IGCSE CIE
Information Technology IGCSE CIE
Computer Studies IGCSE CIE
Art & Design IGCSE CIE
Geography IGCSE CIE
Physical Education IGCSE CIE
Sociology IGCSE CIE

These subjects are selected from an option table. In all subjects the extended syllabus is followed.


Opportunity exists for acceleration in some subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and English 2nd Language.

  • Some of these subjects require students to attend some after-school classes in addition to the normal lessons during curriculum time. Students sit their IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 10. The qualification they achieve is identical to the IGCSE taken at the end of Year 11.
  • Students are expected to maintain a very high standard of work, consistent with acceleration.
  • Acceleration is not a right but a privilege, awarded strictly on performance in Year 9 and maintained through the course.
  • Acceleration is not suitable nor desirable for many students. Students and parents must consider the future implications of taking an accelerated course, especially with regard to the number of A levels taken in one sitting required by their choice of university.

Students who take accelerated IGCSE’s in Year 10 may need to take accelerated AS course in Year 11 in order to complete the minimum number of lessons on their timetable. Students are only permitted to undertake these courses if they have a good chance of achieving an A grade.

The New English School recognises that students differ in ability and that student development is personal to each individual student. Admittance to accelerated courses is strictly regulated in accordance with the rules and regulations of Edexcel and CIE.

Uniform Requirements

Full details of the Secondary department uniform requirements

Approved school shoes

Please be aware that there are specific requirements for shoes that are acceptable at NES. Please check the uniform document for the styles that are allowed by the school before you purchase school shoes for your child.

The purpose is to protect students feet and provide support. They should have a moulded sole and heel and should look similar to the styles shown on the uniform document. The school reserves the right to ask students to change their footwear if a different style of shoe is worn.