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The New English School, (N.E.S.) was founded by the late chairman, Mr. Tareq S. Rajab as the first private, co-educational day school in Kuwait to offer a British style curriculum from Kindergarten to A level.


To maintain, within our admission policy, such flexibility and breadth of provision, that NES is able to receive pupils at any stage in their career and provide them with the highest possible standards of education.Place emphasis upon the acquisition of knowledge, skills and practical abilities to develop lively, enquiring minds.
Encourage strong links with parents so as to further enhance each pupil's education.
Encourage self discipline, appropriate interpersonal relationships, a reasoned set of attitudes and a respect for cultural and moral values.
Engender an appreciation of the arts through provision of cultural opportunities.

Provide a curriculum which is relevant, balanced and challenging to include:
- an emphasis on communication in all its forms;
- an emphasis on creativity and independent management;
- an international awareness;
- a preparation for our technological society;
- a foundation for university education;
- respect and care for our planet and all living things.