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The New English School

Founded by the late chairman, Mr. Tareq S. Rajab, The New English school was the first private, co-educational day school in Kuwait to offer the British curriculum from Kindergarten to A level. 

The New English School

Since its foundation, over 50 years ago, the New English School has continued to nurture and enable its students. A robust balance of strong academics, life skills and student well-being, allow NES alumni to go on to become leading lights in their field of choice.

Learning at Every Opportunity

Every situation is an opportunity to learn. Students at NES learn through investigation and inspiration, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and following their own curiosity to explore how the world around them works.

Pioneering In Education

The chairman comes from a family with a history of pioneering in education and he established the school at a time of change in Kuwait in which he foresaw the need for education with English as the medium of teaching.

Thriving from the Start

The first classes of NES opened in a villa in Shamiyah, actually starting at Secondary level and very soon after extending backwards to Kindergarten. It was soon apparent that this educational venture was outgrowing the original premises, so a purpose built campus was opened in 1974, and to date, improvements and extensions continue to maintain an environment that allows students to thrive.

Encouraged to Grow

In developing and encouraging the confidence and talents of students, NES plays its part in preparing graduates for success in the wider world. Here, Haneen Khalil, co-founder of NESMED, performs her own version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at this year's Graduation Ceremony.

Celebrating Student Success

Her Majesty's Ambassador, Ms. Belinda Lewis celebrates the success of the graduating students with Dr. Ziad Rajab - Director of the New English School.

Sports at the New English School

The New English School remains deeply involved in both the competitive and organisational elements of school sports in Kuwait and across the Middle East. Providing a wide range of sporting opportunities for our students allows them many chances to shine, develop new interests and learn new skills.

Student-led Initiatives

Enabling students to plan and execute projects and initiatives can help them to see that their actions can be wide-reaching and overwhelmingly positive. Developing leadership, teamwork, organisational and interpersonal skills through student-led events, such as our Sixth-Form's Macmillan Charity Coffee Morning, gives ownership to the students and an opportunity to achieve outside the academic.

Charitable Works

Raising funds for charity has always been a core value for NES - a responsibility that is taken seriously and always conducted with pride. We are privileged to be able to support Syria and Turkey in the wake of the recent disaster - one that has hit close to home for many of us in the school community.