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Junior Department

In years 3 - 6 (Key Stage 2), children develop skills, understanding and knowledge in a safe and secure happy environment first initiated in the Infant Department, so that by the time pupils transfer at the end of year 6 into the secondary department (Key Stages 3 and 4), they are independent learners with a life-long love for learning.

Throughout Key Stage 2, we follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales with regard to Mathematics (Numeracy), Language Development (Literacy) and Science ; the three main core areas of the curriculum. Notice is taken of recent developments in the National Curriculum and incorporated into teachers’ delivery of the curriculum.

The New English School does not follow the National Curriculum in History and Geography, but has modified these strands into integrated topics/units of study which we feel offer a more relevant approach to these subject areas when pupils are in an international context. All the foregoing are taught by class teachers.

In addition to the foregoing, pupils also experience the aesthetic side of the curriculum and for these sessions, classes are taught by appropriately qualified specialists.

In Music, each child has two lessons per week, one of which is developing musical skills with either tuned or un-tuned instruments, developing sight reading skills and awareness of rhythm, musical composition and musical appreciation. Choral singing is a major component in the musical programme and N.E.S. is justifiably proud of its standards in choral presentation, with up to 6 part pieces being delivered in year 6.

A limited number of pupils in Year 6 have the opportunity to participate in a programme of musical instrumentation using instruments belonging to the school. This programme is carried over into the Secondary Department.

The Junior Production and Concert each year are two major highlights in the school Calendar.

Each class experiences two lessons of Physical Education whereby we aim to develop a holistic range of sporting skills ensuring that personal development as well as team dependence/interdependence ensues. Many of the pupils throughout years 3-6 enthusiastically compete to be able to participate in the various inter-school sporting fixtures which are organized through KFSAC.

Of course, the sporting highlight of the year is our own sports day which sees a range of athletic pursuits being tackled and which is hosted in a nearby sports stadium.

The Junior IT Suite boasts 30 systems, able to accommodate a complete class. The Junior Department has also seen the introduction of interactive whiteboard technology in classes, supported by appropriate software to enhance the delivery of the curriculum being taught. During ICT lessons, the class teacher works alongside the teacher.

There is a well- stocked library where children are encouraged to develop research and reference skills as well as to develop a love for reading for pleasure. Books may be taken out on loan by all students.

Account is taken of our ‘host’ country and every pupil receives each day, a lesson in Arabic. Special provision is made for pupils whose first language is not Arabic. Similarly, Most pupils receive instruction in the Qu’ran and Islamic studies. For those Muslims for whom Arabic is not a first language, again, special provision is made. For students who are not of the Moslem faith, a separate programme is available during those particular lessons.

As with many schools there are a number of special events which take place, some of which have been mentioned previously. Other events to which parents are invited or are asked to support are; Class Assemblies, Book Week and Book Fairs, Curricular Information Evenings, the Maths Challenge and Science Week.

Throughout the year, pupils are encouraged to earn points for their ‘Houses’. In addition to this, each point earned for the house is also a personal point which counts towards a series of certificates, rewarding effort. A certificate is awarded for every 20 points earned, starting with Bronze and culminating with a Diamond Book Award of 200 points. There is an intermediary Book Award when 100 points is reached. Book Awards are rewarded with a voucher which can be redeemed at one of the Book Fairs hosted by the school or by ‘Books for Kids’ based in Rumathiya and who provide the books for our Book Fairs.

The school experience does not finish with the end of class lessons at the end of the day. New English School offers a wide range of extra curricular activities available to all pupils in years 3-6, most of which are completely free of charge. Indeed, for some clubs there is a waiting list to join.

As ever, we at the New English School view education as a partnership between home and school. Parents are encouraged to come to the school to discuss with their child’s class teacher, their child’s progress and or any concerns which either side may have. Each class teacher has a designated time every week to meet with parents should the need arise. Only by maintaining a dialogue can we work together to ensure the best possible provision for your child at NES and to keep the school as the preferred school of choice and at the forefront of education in Kuwait.