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The Junior Department day is organised into 9 periods of 45 or 40 minutes duration. During Ramadan a shorter day operates in which we lose periods 1 and 9.

Homework is an integral part of the work of the school and allows you the parent to follow and reinforce at home, what is completed in school. Homework is normally set everyday and we try to spread the workload across the subjects.

As a normal rule of thumb we would expect children to do no more than 1hour 15 minutes homework per night. If you find that your child is exceeding this on a regular basis, please contact the school to discuss the matter.

The homework diary is an essential means of home/school communication. Children are to note down homework tasks into the diary. In the back of the diary, you will find details of your child’s timetable. Please take a minute or two to check your child’s homework diary each afternoon/evening.