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Sport is a formulated physical activity involving challenge or competition against oneself, others or the environment. It begins in play, develops through games and culminates as a structured competitive activity.
As a general rule students between the ages of ten and thirteen years are encouraged to begin to take part in competitive games which have been modified to accommodate their stage of maturity. This gentle encouragement recognises the danger of over emphasis on competition before basic skills have been learned and reinforced with appropriate practice as it may lead to a restricted performance or loss of interest in sport.
Class Allocation
Year 3 - Two, forty minutes are allocated per week
Year 4, 5 and 6 - One, eighty minute class is allocated a week. The pupils change their clothes within this time. The majority of the Yr 6 classes are divided into a girls and a boys group.
Assembly Hall – this area has a large floor area which allows for many activities. The area is frequently requested for use by both junior and senior school staff.
Outdoor area – there are two concrete basketball courts. During a senior break only one court is used.
Senior gym – available at the end of term one and three during exams.
The KFSAC Swimming Team use the pool facilities at the nearby Dar El Cid residential complex.
Personal and Social Development
One of the main purposes is to involve pupils in team building activities which foster personal and social development. We also present problem solving situations in order to answer set tasks. Enjoyment and success in physical activity increases confidence and social awareness.
The School’s Role
The school supports Physical Education at NES in the following ways:

- The Owners, Director and Management give importance to Physical Education by ensuring that the school policy, its environment and practices reflect the aims and objectives of the syllabus.
- Resources are plentiful, well manned and accessible to all.
- Programs meet the needs of students by considering their physical, intellectual, cultural and social backgrounds.
- Climatic conditions are recognised and appropriate facilities are normally available.
The information gathered through evaluation will be used for the purpose of improving learning. The information gained will be used to monitor student progress and to assess the effectiveness of the teachers program. Information is gathered by:

- Observation
- Assessment of certain skills
The purpose of evaluation is to provide feedback on performance so students can continue to learn and improve. NES is required to produce a written report where parents are informed of their child’s progress in Physical Education. This happens twice a year for the Junior Department.
Students are given an attainment and effort mark on their report. They are also given a specific target they need to try and improve upon. This mark is given having considered the following:
- Enthusiasm and full participation
- Co-operation with the teacher and peers
- Showing a positive attitude
- Level of skill when working on tasks
- Willingness to learn new skills
- Ability to work independently
- Level of fitness
KFSAC (Kuwait Foreign Schools Activities Committee)Tournaments
NES is a member of the Junior KFSAC program. NES participates in all fourteen scheduled events:
- Benchball Combined Year 3 and 4, Year 5 and 6 Girls and Boys team
- Football Year 3 and 4 Boys, Year 5 and 6 Boys, Year 5 and 6 Girls
- Unihoc Year 3 and 4 Girls and Boys, Year 5 and 6 Girls and Boys
- Athletics Year 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6
- Rounders Year 5 and 6 Mixed team
- Cricket Year 5 and 6 Boys team
- Swimming Under 10 and Under 12 Team and Individual
Each school is required to host at least one event. All PE staff must involve themselves in the activities. Parent notification and permission must is sought in writing, as well as the organisation of buses to and from the fixture through liaison with the school administration.
Sports day
Junior sports day is held on a school day. The event takes place in a sports stadium over the course of a morning, starting at 08.45and finishing by 13:00. The field events take place in the morning and the sprints and relays in the second session.
All pupils participate in the first session and the fastest runners timed during lessons participate in the second session. This format ensures elements of fun, participation and competition are met. Before the sprints an inter house cheering event is held and points awarded. At the end of the day medals are awarded to the first three in the sprints and first place in the relay events.
On the day the winning sports day badge is worn by all the children and which has been designed by a Junior pupil.

The main objective of sports day is to encourage active participation among all students as well as to recognise individual sporting achievements.