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The aim of PE in the Infant department is to develop physical skills and enhance the health, growth and total well being of all pupils. To achieve this all pupils participate in physical activity whatever their ability with the emphasis on enjoyment and keeping fit.
The Year 2’s will participate in competitive situations towards the end of the year so as to experience the feeling of winning and losing and how to deal with the different emotions.
The infant programme includes space awareness and locomotion, parachute play, how to use hoops and ropes, play with big and small balls, gymnastics and climbing, paddle play and striking and games adapted to each year group.
During the month of March, Infants Sports Day is held. KG and Reception attend the first session followed by Year 1 and 2. It is held on the school premises. The children participate in various events with the emphasis being on team work, physical exercise and personal fulfilment. Parents are invited to the event creating an informal family atmosphere. The emphasis is on fun and participation rather than competition although a girl’s and boy’s race for the top sprinters in Year 2 is held and medals awarded to the top three. The day concludes with a teacher’s versus parent’s race.