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Secondary Admission Policy

Years 7 – 9
All students are required to take a test in English and Mathematics to ascertain their suitability for the rigour of academic courses.

Provision is made for overseas students with little knowledge of English to help them acquire the skills necessary to study in the English language.

All students will be expected to provide a copy of their school report from their previous school. Where a student is applying from another school in Kuwait the headteacher of the previous school may be contacted for a reference regarding behaviour.

Years 10 – 11
Students will be required to fulfil all of the above requirements and their suitability for IGCSE courses will be ascertained especially with regard to accelerated programmes.

Years 12 – 13 (Lower 6 & Upper 6)
Students who have completed Year 11 in the British system of education will be required to have achieved 5 passes at IGCSE with a minimum of grade B in subjects they intend to pursue at AS and A level (there can be exemptions under some circumstances). Where students are from a foreign education system – their results from that system will be evaluated along with optional testing in AS/A level choice subjects if necessary.