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We aim to keep parents informed about activities happening within the school, curriculum content and the personal development of their individual child:
Each half term a curriculum plan is sent to parents. This shows the work that we plan to cover in class during the next six weeks with an indication about how you can support your child at home.
A bi-monthly news letter is produced giving details of forthcoming events, activities that have taken place, information about staff and pupils and curriculum focus articles.
Parents are invited to attend an introductory evening, a maths information evening and a reading information evening once a year.
Formal individual parent/teacher conferences are held once a year.
Each teacher has a weekly appointment time when individual parents can make an appointment to see their child’s teacher.
The teachers will request to see a parent if they have any concerns about an individual child.
Children in the Infant department are collected from their class room at the end of each day. This is also an opportunity to see the teacher if you have any minor concerns.
Written reports are sent home twice a year at the end of the first and third term, (once in Kindergarten at the end of the year).