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Sixth Form

- Responsibility Independence
- Respect Achieve
- Organisation Future Plan
- Life in the Sixth Form at NES

The Sixth Form is a period when students are given a measure of independence and responsibility for organising some of their own time, setting the tone for what is a transitional period from School life to University. This is encouraged by the allocation of both private study periods and "social" periods: periods when they may elect to relax and interact in the modern surroundings of the Sixth Form Centre. The long and often challenging process of developing independent learning and thinking is sharpened in the Sixth Form.

The Sixth Form is also a time for looking ahead to University and College choices, and then to the world of employment. An important feature of the Sixth Form is access to careers information and university admission procedures. A specialist careers advisor is on hand to offer advice and guidance in this respect. Many of our Sixth Form alumni are currently studying in or have graduated from some of the top academic institutions around the world, notably: Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Bath, London School of Economics, Kings College, Warwick, Bristol, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Pen State, MIT, McGill and McMaster, to name a few.

Sixth Form students are particularly encouraged to study independently, develop team work, acquire management skills and relate to Academic Staff in a more informal way. In an attempt to give everyone the opportunity to meet these aims, there are several duties delegated to members of the Sixth Form. A Social Committee is elected at the start of the year with the specific responsibility for organizing and running the NES charity and social events. A hierarchal system consisting of a Head Boy and a Head Girl, supported by a team of 25 prefects, is also in operation.

Maintaining close links with parents
Strong links with parents are encouraged so as to further enhance each student’s education. This takes place through the formal reporting system; Specific one to one interviews with Students and/or Parents carried out by the Head of Sixth Form; Feedback from or to subject Teachers through the Sixth Form Planners (diaries); Parental meetings arranged through the school appointment system; Scheduled Parent’s days throughout the year.

Charity Work – Community –Social Responsibility
As well as participating in and contributing to the overall charity work at NES, the Sixth Form Social Committee organise several fund raising events throughout the year. Notably the Charity ‘Think Pink’ dinner to boost awareness of and money for Cancer Research; Participation in the annual global ‘Movember’ event; The Talent Show and various other events.

Widening horizons through our lecture Program
Guest speakers are invited to take part in the annual lecture program. A series of topics are discussed which are not only educational and informative, but which challenge attitudes and perceptions of the world and culture in which our students have grown up. They are designed to stimulate and provoke an interest and awareness of the environment around them whilst also giving some insight into potential career paths.

Students are encouraged to select and pursue an “A” Level program that will not only meet the requirements for university entry but will also stretch their learning and show diversity. Options are made at the end of Year Eleven after careful consultation with home and our careers advisor. Students select from a wide range of “AS” subjects which can be taken through to “A” Level. To ensure that students can cope with the academic rigors the entry requirements for the Sixth Form are a minimum of five subjects at IGCSE, preferably grade A’s in the subjects chosen.

Uniform & Discipline
Whilst we encourage a sense of self discipline students are expected to wear the appropriate NES uniform in the manner required. Like all students they sign a code of conduct and are required to adhere to this.

Head Boy & Head Girl
Our Sixth Form students play an invaluable role in setting the tone for the whole school. It is the responsibility of the Head Boy and Head Girl together with their team of prefects to encourage a sense of community spirit and work with the Head of Sixth form to manage the day to day life of students in the sixth form.

Prefect System
Students planning to enter the Sixth Form are given the opportunity to apply for the position of Prefect. Interviews are held with the current Head Boy & Head Girl together with the Head of Sixth Form then approved by the Headteacher. Approximately 25 prefects are selected each year to carry out specific duties around school including; assisting with Parent’s days, Option Evenings, MUFTI days and NES Concerts.

Essentially life in the Sixth Form prepares students with a foundation to enter a University and the wider world with a degree of confidence and maturity.

If you visit the school in term time, it is likely that you will be shown around by members of our Sixth Form.