Welcome to the New English School

N.E.S. was founded by the chairman, Mr. Tareq S. Rajab and was the first private,
co-educational day school in Kuwait to offer a British style curriculum from Kindergarten to A level. The chairman comes from a family with a history of pioneering in education and he established the school at a time of change in Kuwait in which he foresaw the need for education with English as the medium of teaching. (Pictured is Dr. Ziad S. Rajab, Director.) Read more


Parents and Students,

We are very distressed and apologise sincerely for the inversion of the Kuwaiti flag which occurred during printing of this year's OASIS yearbook.

No offence to any national has been intended.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a happy summer vacation and we look forward to your return in September.

NES Management Team